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  • What is a Thai tea? What is Thai Tea composed of?

    Thai Tea (aka Thai Iced Tea) is a very popular and famous drink originating in Thailand and is now commonly found in Thai restaurants across the U.S.

    Thai Tea is typically made from Thai Assam tea (black tea leaves) known as "Bai Mieng," found in the hills of Northern Thailand. To distinguish it from a standard American or Vietnamese iced latte, other ingredients may be included: orange blossom water, star anise, crushed tamarind seeds, food dye (e.g. caramel color, yellow # 6 etc.) and sometimes other spices as well.

    When properly mixed with sweetener and cream, Thai Tea is delicious, and this iconic orange-color drink really stands out on your table.

  • What makes it so delicious?

    For a traditional Thai Tea, a delicious flavor is formed by soaking the Thai Tea leaves (powder) with steamed hot water and draining them to extract their flavor, scooping the right amount of sweetener (e.g. condensed milk, sugar) into a mixer, stirring the drink together before pouring it into a glass full of ice, and finally topping it with creamer (e.g., evaporated milk) for texture and extra mouthwatering taste.

    A adaptive version, the coffee-maker method, is the easiest way to make a delicious restaurant-style Thai tea without losing its delicious flavor. The secret is lies within the right amount of tea and sugar, the use of a high quality authentic Thai tea powder, and a great filtration system. This coffee-maker method also allows you to easily adjust the level of sweetness to your preference and, most importantly, you will be consuming fresh Thai tea because you are making a smaller batch that can be consumed within a few days. You can also make a delicious single serving Thai Tea using a Pour-Over (Phin Filter) Method.

  • What are some of the popular ways I can enjoy a Thai Iced Tea?

    Some of the most popular ways to enjoy a Thai Iced Tea include the following:

    Traditional Thai Iced Tea (with sweetener and cream), the most popular version found among Thai restaurants or tea shops.

    Traditional Thai Iced Tea without milk or cream. Called “Cha Dum Yen” in Thailand, this version is made by mixing tea and sugar and is offered for those who prefer a cold sweet tea drink without milk or cream.

    Similar to a “Sweet Iced Tea” found in U.S. restaurants. Lemon Thai Iced Tea, made by substituting cream with lemon or lime juice—a perfect harmony between the sweet tea taste and lemon juice. This is very refreshing and is becoming more popular! You must try this version once!

    Hot Thai Tea. After brewing is done, pour the tea (unsweetened) into your coffee cup, and then add cream or sugar to suit your preference.

  • What are the main components of a delicious Thai tea?

    An authentic, quality Thai Tea leaf-powder, a great filtration system, and the right recipe.

  • I’m not a barista, and I have minimal brewing skills, Will this kit be too difficult for me?

    We've made it easy for you to brew a delicious Thai Tea with the step by step recipes included with your kit. Included in the kit are also brewing accessories (e.g., 1 oz measuring spoon, phin filter etc.) to ease your brewing experience. Just follow our basic recipe, and you’ll be able to make yourself a delicious Thai Tea.

    If you can make coffee at home, you can make this Thai tea. You can then experiment with different recipes (e.g., honey or coconut milk) or ratios (e.g., less sugar or no milk) to accommodate your taste buds or allergy concern. Remember the brew is your tea, not our tea! So, feel free to make it the way you like! Read our testimonials to see how easy our kit is to use.

    You can also email us at support@ibrewthaitea.com should you experience any brewing difficulties.

  • Will this drink go well with bubble (aka tapioca balls)?

    Of course! Bubble Thai tea is very popular in Thailand and is increasing in popularity in the United States.

  • How much does a typical glass of Thai Iced Tea cost in the U.S.A?

    The cost varies between locations, but on average a glass of 12 oz. Thai Iced Tea at a restaurant or tea shop costs around $3.75 (2022).

  • If I’m allergic to dairy products, can I still enjoy a delicious Thai tea?

    Sure, you can! Just find an alternative to replace the dairy product. For example, you can use almond milk or coconut milk instead of the half and half cream.

    And don't forget, you can also enjoy a glass of refreshing "Lemon Thai Iced Tea"!

  • How much caffeine is there per glass of Thai Tea? Nutritional Facts? Listed Ingredients?

    Each glass of traditional Thai Iced Tea (with cream) has approximately 45 of caffeine. Omitting the cream will result in a slightly higher caffeine level.

    Nutritional Facts:

  • What are some of the health benefits of drinking a Thai Tea?

    Researchers have shown that Thai Tea has many health benefits such as asthma prevention, reduction in stress, weight loss, increase in energy, mental focus, & overall metabolism.

    The caffeine found in Thai Tea also helps you stay focused and energetic.

    If you intend to lose weight, drinking Thai Tea (especially without cream and sugar) can also help your weight-loss program because the combination of caffeine and antioxidants can help boost your metabolism, so your body will burn calories more quickly.

    Although Thai Tea is delicious and researchers have proved that Thai Tea does have many health benefits, having too much cream, sugar, or food dye (e.g., yellow #6) could have a negative effect on one's overall health. Moderation consumption of Thai Tea (i.e., 2 servings per day) is recommended.

    The best healthy option is to consume this drink with less sugar and cream, or substitute a lime or an almond milk instead.

  • Is the Thai Tea-leaf powder safe? What about F&D Yellow # 6 (food dye)?

    Yes, our Tea Tea-leaf powder is safe to consume and has been enjoyed by people across the world.  The FDA has approved all of our ingredients, even with the F&D Yellow #6 food dye.  In fact, researchers have suggested that Thai Tea also has many health benefits (e.g., reduction in stress, antioxidant contents, etc.).  Nevertheless, we do encourage moderate consumption of Thai Tea (i.e., 2 servings per day).  

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  • Why is my tea weak? How can I improve my Thai Tea flavor?

    Reason for Weak Tea and Suggestions on How to Improve your Tea Flavor:

    1) Adding ice to quickly to the hot tea will make your tea taste watery and give it a bad texture. You can easily fix that by ensuring that the sugar is fully dissolved with the hot tea water and allow at least 180 seconds for the tea to cool down before pouring or adding ice to the tea.

    2) Having the right tea to water ratio is extremely important! You can easily fix this by using a measuring pitcher (See your recipe book for details).

    3) Not following the recipe properly (e.g., adding the wrong amount of tea or sugar)

  • What food pairs well with Thai iced tea?

    You can drink Thai tea with any food. However, Thai tea pairs extremely well with spicy dishes like those in Thai cuisine because the sweet refreshing cold tea balances the spicy flavor.

  • What are some of the benefits of self-brewing?

    1) Fresh Tea!

    2) Satisfy Your Thai Tea Cravings immediately!

    3) Amazing Cost Savings!

    4) Elimination of trips to the restaurant, coffee/tea shop!

    5) Make it your way! >>> Adjust your sweetness level, substitute almond milk for cream, brew small or big cups, drink hot or cold, or share your barista skills with family and friends.

  • How many servings of Thai tea can I make with one tea bag (13 oz.)? How much $$$ could I be saving?

    Each 13 oz. bag can make 34 servings, assuming you followed the recipe correctly and add the right amount of cream plus a full glass of ice.
    Purchasing a Thai Tea @ restaurant / tea shop will cost you $3.75 on average. You can enjoy up to 34 servings or over $125 (34 x $3.75) worth of Thai Teas from this set.

  • Are there any other methods to make delicious Thai Tea besides the recommended pour-over (phin filter) and coffee maker methods?

    Yes, there is. In fact, in Thailand they would typically use a method call "Cha Chuck" (i.e., soaking & extraction method) to extract the tea leaves with hot water, blend the condensed milk together, fill the glass with ice, and top with evaporated milk for that creamy texture and flavor.

    However, because of supplies and efficiency, most Thai restaurants in the United States use sugar and dairy creamer (e.g., half and half) and make the tea with either the boiling pot or coffee maker. But, the resulting taste is still delicious.

    For the boiling method, a restaurant worker would typically boil the water in a large pot, mix in the tea, drain the tea with a cloth filter, and then add sugar. This process, however, takes time. Many restaurants prefer this method because it is possible to make a large batch of Thai tea to fulfill the customers’ needs.

    Our 12-cup coffee-maker method, typically used in smaller Thai restaurants, is the easier way to make delicious restaurant-style Thai tea without all the hassle within 15 minutes. The secret is lies within the right amount of tea and sugar, the use of a high quality authentic Thai tea powder, and a great filtration system. This coffee-maker method also allows you to easily adjust the level of sweetness to your preference and, most importantly, you will be consuming fresh Thai tea because you are making a smaller batch that can be consumed within a few days. You can also make a delicious single serving Thai Tea using a Pour-Over (Phin Filter) Method.

  • Is there an expiration date?

    The “Best by Date” is imprinted on the tea bag.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    Unfortunately, as of this moment we cannot ship our products to international countries but only to addresses in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

  • What are your shipping terms & return policy?

    Shipping Terms

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    You will receive a tracking # via email once we have shipped your items.

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    Sorry, as of this moment we cannot ship our products to international countries but only to addresses in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and APO/FPO/DPO addresses.

    Returns & Exchange Policy

    30 Days First-Brew Satisfaction

    Unfortunately, we do not accept any returns for all of our products due to health regulations and custom production.

    We do, however, offer a 30-day money-back guaranteed refund for your first-brewing kit purchases (first-purchase kit). Refund or replacement would not be apply on other purchases.

    All other products (e.g. mugs, filters, shirts) are also non-refundable unless they are broken or defective.

    If you are not satisfied with your first-kit purchase (first-brewing experience), you may request a refund within 30 days from the delivery date for a full refund of the purchase price minus the shipping cost.

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    We reserved the right to investigate and withhold a refund or replacement for any suspicious, unfair, or fraudulent claims.

  • Why is there a difference in price for different sets or packages? Why can't you offer free shipping for all packages?

    The costs of different raw materials (e.g., teas, filter, packaging boxes etc.), product weights, and shipping costs  determine the difference in product pricing.   We always strive our best to deliver the best value for our customers while still remaining profitable.



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