Charlie Elephant's Story

Born and raised in Thailand, I immigrated to the U.S.A. in 1999 with my family when I was 11 years old. At 16 years old, I got my first job in the U.S.A. working as a busboy at a local Thai restaurant in Maryland until eventually I became a server.

From my keen observation and years of experience, there are basically four methods for making a delicious Thai tea. They are: 1) the condensed-milk method (found in Thailand); 2) the boiling-pot method (used in a mid-sized to large Thai restaurant to meet customer demands; 3) the coffee-maker method (typically used in a small-sized Thai restaurant); and 4) the pour-over (phin filter) method for single serving.  

​Working as a server at multiple Thai restaurants, I’m that “Thai Tea Barista” guy behind the scenes brewing or boiling a delicious Thai tea for customers in all of the Thai restaurants I have worked at. In short, perfection has to do with using authentic Thai tea powder, the right amount of sugar and tea powder (aka "the recipe"), and a very good filtration system. The ideal taste is slightly sweet with that unique Thai tea flavor—Honestly, preparation of this tea is one of the best kept secrets of Thai restaurants.

Throughout my 18 years of experience working at multiple Thai restaurants, I noticed not only that Thai tea is my favorite drink, but also that other people love it as well. There are many customers who wish they knew the secret recipe. They also want to know where they can purchase an authentic Thai tea powder, so they can make this delicious drink at home. Following the instructions in a typical internet blog recipe or a YouTube video could also add to the confusion for some. Not to mention, boiling a big pot of water and filtering out the tea with a "cloth filter" are a time consuming process, along with the hassle of cleaning each item! Furthermore, the premixed "Thai Tea Package" or "Canned Thai Tea" (found at a typical Asian market) is still a no match for a freshly brewed Thai tea. For many, the easiest way to enjoy a great "Thai Tea" is to spend $3.75 for one at a Thai restaurant.

What if an average person living in the U.S.A. with limited barista skill who loves Thai Tea could perfect this tea at home to satisfy his or her cravings?

How can I make it easy for him or her to perfect this favorite drink?

What about those individuals who prefer their tea less sweet or are allergic to milk?

I'm truly excited about bringing this delicious Thai drink to the e-commerce market in order to solve the need for Thai Tea lovers who might live far from a Thai restaurant or local tea store. I decided to use my passion for Thai Tea to initiate this Thai Tea Self-brewing campaign. I believe that self-brewing will provide many benefits, such as the following: ​

  1. Fresh Tea!
  2. Satisfy your Thai Tea cravings immediately!
  3. Amazing Cost Savings!
  4. Elimination of trips to the restaurant, coffee/tea shop!
  5. Make it your way! Adjust your sweetness level, substitute almond milk for cream, brew small or big cups, drink hot or cold, or share your barista skills with family and friends!

​​​For more information about my Thai tea package, you can check out the FAQ section. 

In conclusion, I have put a lot of passion and energy into delivering the best “Thai Tea Package” value for you—filled with complimentary accessories for your convenience. These include a 1-oz. measuring spoon, a phin filter, and a simple method and easy recipe for you to start making your first Thai Tea at home. You can become a Thai Tea barista in no time!

Besides my love for tea, I love giving back as well.  Partnering with Pledgeling Charity Organization, our company helps support St. Jude Hospital, Feed the Children, and the American Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (ASPCA).  

I hope that you will enjoy your Thai Tea brewing experience while supporting our charity causes at the same time. Product testimonials would be appreciated. Thank you for being our valued customer.  



Charlie Eiamchim

Owner of I-Brew Thai Tea





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